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"Collaboration is the art of weaving individual strengths into a powerful tapestry of collective achievement." 

Liza Lugo

Fifth Element Free Church Ministries

Welcome to Our Ministries page! Fifth Element Free Church Ministries are dedicated associations within our Church community, that work collaboratively to support our mission and serve our membership. From children's ministries and healing services, to local outreach programs, these Ministries play a vital role in strengthening the Members of our Church, and extending our impact on a national level. Learn more about each Ministry's unique focus and discover how you can get involved in fulfilling our shared spiritual principles of healthy bodies, open minds, and contented hearts.

Wellness Witch

Michelle Selden, Director

Michelle is a Certified Epigenetics & Health Coach. She spent years going back and forth with medical professionals, being diagnosed with Chronic Lyme, Fibromyalgia, IBS, Arthritis, depression, migraines, ADHD, to name just a few. After multiple dead ends and years chasing symptoms, her health continued to plummet to the point where she was practically bed ridden - until the day she discovered the technology that is epigenetics - taking her own health and healing back into her own hands.


So many people, like Michelle, have spent thousands of dollars on alternative testing, fad diets and supplements, only to end up feeling the same or worse. Seeing how much epigenetics has changed her life, Michelle went back to school and still continues to learn about this ever-changing technology to support others with this one-time test. The insight you'll receive is truly priceless.

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Wild Child Farm

Hope Bona, Director

Hope is the creator and operator of Wild Child Farm. Her children’s ministry is set up as a resource center for students struggling in traditional schooling options. She offers a small group setting, individualization for academics, and plenty of free play/choice to balance out the day. The Wild Child Farm community is very supportive of one another and loves having a place their children can learn, while still being able to enjoy their childhood!

Dynamis Deo

Tanya Boyd, Director

Tanya believes that your healing comes from the dynamic power within - that we are created mind, body, soul and spirit, and thus we draw awareness to the mind-body’s internal conditions which have created the illness or dis-ease. Using Holy Spirit led Information Medicine, Tanya helps to draw optimal awareness to internal conditions and the requirements for healing. By removing Information Faults, the mind-body is restored to effect the transformation.

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Wildflower Ministries

Cassie Murphy, Director

Cassie's journey to providing a natural way of learning for children began over 15 years ago, after she witnessed children of various ages struggle in a traditional school setting. She tried to make changes from within the system, but was often met with hesitation or roadblocks. Finally, in 2020, she was given the opportunity to combine her passion for teaching with her innate instinct that children belong in nature, free to learn their own way, with support and guidance. It's Cassie's goal to provide a safe, encouraging environment to foster a natural desire to learn for children of all ages.

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Consonance Health

Dr. Jay Warren, Director

Dr. Jay Warren has dedicated his career to helping people live happy and healthy lives. He has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for over 20 years, and he practices inside a multidisciplinary prenatal wellness center in San Diego, CA. He is an instructor for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the host of the popular podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies,” and the creator of many online courses for pregnant women and new fathers. Dr. Jay also helps doctors and other healthcare providers create unique business structures designed to protect their rights in practice, freeing them from licensing and scope of practice restrictions.

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Universal Healing Sanctuary

Kristina Lawson, Director

Kristina is an Astrologer, Oracle Singer, and Galactic Shaman. She has spent the last decade studying the origins and languages of Christianity and Judaism, the stars and prophesy, and the ancient genetic tampering of mankind. She acts as a bridge for those in Christianity who are searching for answers not found in the mainstream church, and teaches on the ancient and loving beliefs of Universal Salvation.


Her ministry, Universal Healing Sanctuary, has brought back the original psychedelic Eucharist in which shamanic ceremonies truly open the mind, heart, and connection with the Higher Self and God. Working with Angels and positive entities to bring about healing and higher consciousness within people is her greatest joy. Join UHS as we awaken the Old Ways in the New World.

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MsFortune Ministries

Jessica D'Angio, Director

Jessica is an astrologer and psychic medium, who reads energy patterns of the past, present, and future. Using astrology and Spirit communication as her primary modalities, she takes a multifaceted approach to jumpstarting healing in those who are called to work with her. Her sessions consist of a thorough investigation of the energy patterns you were born into, which energy patterns have been at play in your life ever since, and which ones will impact your immediate future. 

Jessica has always been called to counsel and be of service to others. Prior to founding MsFortune Ministries, she worked as an attorney in both New York and Massachusetts. She is the mother of four children, a jewelry maker, an avid yogi, and an active member of the recovery community. 

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NH Spiritual Alchemy

Nicole Henley, Director

Nicole started her journey with finding her own individual spirituality at an early age. She realized early on that her purpose in this incarnation is to be a Change Agent, and is firm in her belief that real wisdom and knowledge come from within.  Nicole has made it her life's work to help and guide others to finding their true authentic selves.  Her never ending thirst for knowledge and passion for wanting to help people has brought her to where she is today - the owner and operator of her own ministry, Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy.  Nicole has over a decade of experience in the fields of Spiritual and Holistic Wellness as a Somatic Bodyworker, Reiki Master Teacher with extensive training in multiple energy and sound healing modalities and is a Spiritual Coach with specialized training in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapies.  ​She is a single mom of two, a musician, an espresso snob and cat lady.

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Ayahuasca Ministry

Alida Dunn, Director

Alida was born into a long familial lineage of herbalists and spiritual healers in Peru. She is certified in Biomagnetism, Family Constellations, and Past Life Regression. Guided by her own intuition and ancestral traditions, she combines modern knowledge and techniques with ancient wisdom and practices, to provide a unique space for discovering the true roots of an affliction. Once discovered, Alida facilitates the path forward to uproot and resolve the afflictions. Visit her page for more information, or to book a session with her.

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Fifth Element Free
Church Ministry

Jordan Bernard, Director

Every organization needs someone who makes sure that things run smoothly. For Fifth Element, that someone is Jordan. Through this Ministry, Jordan and the other trustees are able to conduct the business of running the Church. If you would like more information about the organization, have questions about the ins and outs of managing a church/ministry, are interested in forming a ministry of your own, or want to work on developing an existing ministry, please contact Fifth Element Free Church Ministry today!

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Sacred Waters

AB Nevarez & Katie Dove, Co-Directors

AB Nevarez is an urban gardener and musician whose profound passion for learning and growth has led him to collaborate in children's outdoor education with Little Shepherds Nature Lab. As a devoted father and lover of Mother Earth, he resides at Duomo Gardens with his partner, Katie Dove, and their son DeLuz. Katie Dove, a mother, healer, mystic, and teacher, practices alchemy and vibrational medicine, utilizing aromatic plants and herbs to reconnect people with nature. Together, AB and Katie form Sacred Waters Ministry, a harmonious blend of their shared love for nature, healing arts, and spirituality, nurturing the interconnection between humanity and the Earth through their life at Duomo Gardens.

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