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"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

Mr. Rogers

Worship With Us.

Join us on Zoom on the first Saturday of each month at 11am (EST), as we glean wisdom from ancient teachings to unite spiritual beings from all walks of life, in an effort to provide pathways for the advancement of light.

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12.09.23 Disproving Hell and Eternal Torment using the Bible

12.09.23 Disproving Hell and Eternal Torment using the Bible

Join as we sit with Kristina Lawson of Universal Healing Sanctuary, an associate ministry of Fifth Element Free Church, to discuss how so many people are waking up to the contradiction of the doctrine of Eternal Torment and a loving God. We’ll follow this feeling and prove this fearful doctrine false with scripture. We’ll walk through ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to find out what these ancient writers were really saying before it was all (badly) translated into Latin and English. We’ll find out that multiple words were translated into the famous “eternal" and “hell", and how these original words were all actually different time frames, different places, with very different purposes. We’ll hear about the truth of what Jesus spoke about regarding spiritual evolution, the purpose of fire, and hints at reincarnation as well, which ends in the eventual salvation of all mankind. And yes, all using the Bible (with some historical writings by Church Fathers sprinkled in as well for some fun). About Kristina Kristina Lawson, Director and Founder of Universal Healing Sanctuary, is an Astrologer, Oracle Singer, and Galactic Shaman. She has spent the last decade studying the origins and languages of Christianity and Judaism, the stars and prophesy, and the ancient genetic tampering of mankind. She acts as a bridge for those in Christianity who are searching for answers not found in the mainstream church, and teaches the ancient and loving beliefs of Universal Salvation. Her ministry, Universal Healing Sanctuary, has brought back the original psychedelic Eucharist in which shamanic ceremonies truly open the mind, heart, and connection with the Higher Self and God. Working with Angels and positive entities to bring about healing and higher consciousness within people is her greatest joy. Join UHS as we awaken the Old Ways in the New World. If you'd like to contribute to the mission of Fifth Element Free Church donations are accepted. Links can be found on our website

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