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“Humanity can never achieve perfection, but it can be beautiful, herein lies our consolation - On Our Destiny." 

Lamine Pearlheart, Aether


Jessica D'Angio
Director and Head Minister

Jessica received her Juris Doctorate from Emory School of Law in 2003, and was admitted to practice law in New York in 2004, and in Massachusetts in 2010. She has since designated herself as retired from both bar associations, preferring to counsel people on their rights in the private domain. Jessica is a Constitutional scholar who has argued before the Supreme Court, and has been published several times on Constitutional issues. She has practice experience in the fields of general business litigation, real estate, administrative law, and law enforcement. She taught law to undergraduates at Brandeis University for more than a decade. Now, Jessica runs her own ministry, and assists others in forming ministries and navigating the private domain. She’s a single mom of four, a practicing astrologer, an avid yogi and an active member of the recovery community. 

Jordan Bernard
Minister of Health

Jordan is a lover of coffee, quiet time, and all things that challenge the status quo. For the past decade, she has been on a journey reinventing healthcare to be better, faster, and more transparent for all. Jordan left conventional healthcare 6 years ago to learn about functional and holistic health. She then started her own direct primary care practice and soon realized that independent practitioners in healthcare are isolated from collaborating with other small businesses. She believes this is by design. While Jordan steadfastly searched for a way to work with others in healthcare to embody the best medicine has to offer, she discovered the private domain. Jordan now uses her acquired skills and innate abilities, sharing strategies to guide interactions in private and empowering men and women to step out of old paradigms and think creatively, actualizing new ways to heal and live freely.

Nicole Henley
Minister of Holistic Practices

Nicole started her journey with finding her own individual spirituality at an early age. She realized early on that her purpose in this incarnation is to be a Change Agent, and is firm in her belief that real wisdom and knowledge come from within.  Nicole has made it her life's work to help and guide others to finding their true authentic selves.  Her never ending thirst for knowledge and passion for wanting to help people has brought her to where she is today - the owner and operator of her own ministry, Nicole Henley - Spiritual Alchemy.  Nicole has over a decade of experience in the fields of Spiritual and Holistic Wellness as a Somatic Bodyworker, Reiki Master Teacher with extensive training in multiple energy and sound healing modalities and is a Spiritual Coach with specialized training in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapies.  ​She is a single mom of two, a musician, an espresso snob and cat lady.


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Dr Jay Warren
Board Member
Consonance Health

Dr. Jay Warren has dedicated his career to helping people live happy and healthy lives. He has been a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor for over 20 years, and he practices inside a multidisciplinary prenatal wellness center in San Diego, CA. He is an instructor for the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the host of the popular podcast “Healthy Births, Happy Babies,” and the creator of many online courses for pregnant women and new fathers. Dr. Jay also helps doctors and other healthcare providers create unique business structures designed to protect their rights in practice, freeing them from licensing and scope of practice restrictions.


Alida Moncada
Board Member
Ayahuasca Ministry

Alida was born into a long familial lineage of herbalists and spiritual healers in Peru. She is certified in Biomagnetism, Family Constellations, and Past Life Regression. Guided by her own intuitions and ancestral traditions, she combines modern knowledge and techniques with ancient wisdom and practices to provide a unique space for discovering the true roots of an affliction and the path forward to the pulling of those roots and the resolution of the afflictions.

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Julie Rowan
Board Member
Olive Roots Ministry

Julie is trained as a nurse practitioner and has practiced in the conventional medical system for over 20 years. Prior to that, she worked as a veterinary technologist and owned an equine training facility. Through her experience caring for people in the hospital as well as outpatient clinics, she realized that the entire system is flawed, it’s foundation built on fallacies. She has always had a deep connection with animals and nature, and her greatest passion is to provide avenues of healing to all creatures. She recognizes the importance of every living entity, and that we are all connected through a complex maze of relationships. It is her mission help others connect to themselves, the nature around them, and most importantly to our Creator.

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